I am a Senior Data Scientist working at Normative. 1000 companies with net-zero commitments have a carbon footprint equivalent to 77% of global emissions. At Normative, we are on a mission to help companies realise their net-zero commitments by (1) building the world's most accurate carbon accounting engine and (2) building a Carbon Network of interconnected ledgers that assures accurate value chain based carbon accounting while driving demand signals across a network of suppliers at the same time.

I am responsible for Commercial Intelligence and Commercial Data Infrastructure. I work with Sales Leaders and various stakeholders across the organisation to drive momentum and efficiency across the sales funnel by identifying sales opportunities (forecasting, identifying key deals, dashboards, retention models etc). In addition to that, I design and build a Commercial Data Infrastructure that maximises upsell, crossell and Product Led Growth (PLG) opportunities; I do that primarily by Reverse ETL-ing data packets from various sources across the data landscape

Previously, I worked as a Data Scientist at Red Bull in Austria, where I focused on delivering data products that are designed to generate additional revenue or cost savings across all areas of the company supply chain including Operations, Logistics, Sales and Marketing. During my time there, I built a robust Statistical Model that reliably identifies production batches (Red Bull drinks) that are of poor quality using various chemical sensors (caffeine, sugar, salt etc.) live from the production line of Red Bull factories across the world, saving quality control personnel hundreds of hours per year. Here, I learnt how to handle large streams of big-data, stakeholder management, pragmatism and the art of Statistical Process Control.

I am a highly curious and open individual, driven to uncover the why behind phenomenon I encounter in life. I consider myself to be someone who is not afraid of confronting the most basic assumptions. I have a knack for abstract thought and I am always keen on engaging in philosophical discussions. I am a person who has deep respect to those who I consider to be my teachers regardless of what I am pursuing. I am usually found reading a book or tinkering on my laptop.

My Personal Mission Statements

I embrace what it is to the fullest. It is who I am, I will get it done.
Life is a challenge. I use fear as a compass to lead and guide me towards my purpose.
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