Nate Shenkute | Senior Data Scientist


May 2023 - Current

Senior Data Scientist

Nov 2022 - May 2023

Data Scientist

Red Bull

Solving high impact Data Science problems

Part of the Global Data Science team supporting business decisions over the whole Red Bull conglomerate (Red Bull Media House, Red Bull Racing, Operations, Sales etc.)

Skills: R Shiny · Data Visualization · R (Programming Language) · Statistics · Machine Learning · Statistical Data Analysis · Python

May 2021 - Nov 2022

Data Scientist

Diet Doctor

At Diet Doctor, we are building a health coach in your pocket: a service that helps you to eat better for weight-loss and metabolic health. Currently my job is to build unique & proprietary food-effectiveness algorithm: a personalized solution to help people find and love healthy food.

During this time, Diet Doctor landed an investment of 4M$ and a loan of 5M$. As the first and only Data person in the company, I played a pivotal role: providing data related items requested by investors (and their analysts), learning and computing required metrics/KPIs accurately and fast within tight deadlines etc.

Skills: Data Visualization · Statistics · Machine Learning · A/B Testing · Statistical Data Analysis · Python · SQL

April 2020 - May 2021

Introducing Artificial Intelligence in Gas Chromatography (Master Thesis)


Designing and implementing an AI system in order to automate data analysis of fast gas chromatography.

Sep 2019 - May 2021

Operating Systems TA

University of Twente

As a TA I am responsible for the education of second year Computer Science students regarding operating systems. My tasks include grading assignments submitted by students and conducting interviews with them to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the material. My main goal with this teaching assistanship is to further develop my own understanding of the subject, learn from students and colleagues and to have fun while doing it!

Sep 2019 - Sep 2020

Data Science TA

University of Twente

TA for Data Science Course at the Masters Level.

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Python (pandas, PyTorch, matplotlib, django)

SQL (BigQuery)

R (dplyr, ggplot, tidyverse, R Shiny)

Dev Tools (Git, Docker, GCP)

Rev Ops (Salesforce, Product Led Growth, Commericlal Intelligence)




MSc. Computer Science

University of Twente

A specialization that connects the important aspects of data science and smart services via information systems.


MSc. Chemical Engineering

University of Twente

A specilization that focuses on developing and designing processes that deliver optimum perfor- mance in terms of technology, economy and environment.


BSc. Advanced Technology

University of Twente

A broad engineering degree that gives fundamental education in mathematics and engineering.


International Baccalaureate

Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest

IB Diploma with HL subjects in Math, Physics, Chemistry and English